• Should You Buy Life Insurance for Kids - Arthur Blake Insurance

Life insurance can be difficult to think about, learn about, or plan for. But one thing’s for sure is that life insurance has become a popular topic for discussion since the pandemic hit. Parents of kids of all ages wonder if they should be investing in life insurance for their children after all of the uncertainty lately. Arthur Blake wants to help ease your anxiety, so we want to discuss the pros and cons of buying life insurance for your kids. 

Ensuring Adult Coverage

By purchasing life insurance for your children when they’re young, you ensure they’ll have coverage even when they’re adults and have professional jobs. When people get older, they are more likely to be denied coverage for reasons like dangerous jobs or health conditions they’ve been diagnosed with. By purchasing life insurance before these things happen, your kids won’t be denied the coverage they already have as adults. 

Long-term Commitment

If you decide to invest in life insurance for your children, expect to be making payments for decades to come. The investment isn’t worth losing if cash flow becomes tight. You might be able to re-invest some of the money for payment, but then the policy loses value that your child may need later in life. Sit down with a professional like Arthur Blake to make sure this is a long-term commitment you want to make and can make for many years to come. 

Preparing for the Unexpected

Things happen in life. Things you don’t expect, but life insurance can help you prepare for those things. For example, you might not depend on your child, but you might want to take time off to care for them if something happens to them. Life insurance coverage can help you do that. In addition, purchasing life insurance can give you peace of mind for many years to come if you purchase it early for your children. It’s a commitment and an investment, but it prepares you for the unexpected should the unexpected occur. 

Low Coverage Limits

Coverage limits tend to have a cap around $50,000 or $75,000. However, when your child becomes an independent adult with a family, this coverage limit won’t be enough for them. They’ll have to buy life insurance as an adult for sufficient limits. 


If you’ve thought about buying life insurance for your child while they’re still living under your roof, consider the pros and cons above! Then, if you need more help with your decision, contact Arthur Blake Insurance in Plano, Texas! We’re experts on life insurance, and we can help you make the smartest decision for yourself and your family. So contact us today to speak with a representative!