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Prices Rising For Car Insurance

Car insurance should be simple, right? You drive safe, you avoid traffic violations, you choose a reliable car, and your premiums should stay where they are, or even go down. That’s what the commercials from all the big name insurance companies like to say. Yet year after year, drivers with clean records still find their premiums going up, sometimes significantly. So what gives? Unfortunately, there are a number of factors influencing car insurance premiums which any one driver can’t control. While your personal driving record will always play a major role in what your pay, systemic factors such as how many drivers are on the road, average road speeds and even the health of the economy may see you paying more at year’s end. Here are a few reasons that your auto insurance premiums may rise no matter what you do: 1. A Strong Economy Means Busier Roads What’s good for the country overall may not be good for your insurance premiums. As the nation’s economy strengthens, more and more of those who previously relied on public transportation are choosing to take their own cars instead. Meanwhile, low gas prices sees even more drivers hitting the road and driving more... Read more