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6 Factors That Will Affect Your Life Insurance Premium

Life insurance is an important financial tool that provides a safety net for you and your loved ones, protecting what matters most—your life. It offers financial protection and peace of mind by ensuring that your family is taken care of even after the passing of a loved one. However, when it comes to life insurance, we know that finding the right Texas life insurance program can get confusing—and even a bit overwhelming at times. That is why understanding the factors that affect your premium can help. Here are six key factors that can impact your life insurance premium: 1. Age and Health Your age and health are two primary factors that insurers consider when determining your premium. Generally, younger individuals who are in good health are likely to receive lower premiums. This is because they are considered to have a longer life expectancy and a lower risk of filing a claim. On the other hand, older individuals or those with pre-existing health conditions may have higher premiums due to the increased risk associated with insuring them. 2. Type of Policy The type of life insurance policy you choose will also influence your premium. There are several options available, including term... Read more
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Should You Buy Life Insurance for Kids?

Life insurance can be difficult to think about, learn about, or plan for. But one thing’s for sure is that life insurance has become a popular topic for discussion since the pandemic hit. Parents of kids of all ages wonder if they should be investing in life insurance for their children after all of the uncertainty lately. Arthur Blake wants to help ease your anxiety, so we want to discuss the pros and cons of buying life insurance for your kids.  Ensuring Adult Coverage By purchasing life insurance for your children when they’re young, you ensure they’ll have coverage even when they’re adults and have professional jobs. When people get older, they are more likely to be denied coverage for reasons like dangerous jobs or health conditions they’ve been diagnosed with. By purchasing life insurance before these things happen, your kids won’t be denied the coverage they already have as adults.  Long-term Commitment If you decide to invest in life insurance for your children, expect to be making payments for decades to come. The investment isn’t worth losing if cash flow becomes tight. You might be able to re-invest some of the money for payment, but then the policy loses... Read more
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What is Life Sciences Insurance?

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Life Sciences industry is more important than ever. However, every Life Sciences company needs to be sure they have insurance that will protect them from their industry’s unique risks. To protect a Life Sciences company from those unique risks, you need a unique form of insurance known as Life Sciences insurance. What is Life Sciences Insurance? Life Science insurance is a form of insurance that protects companies from the life science industry’s unique risks. It Offers Coverage In a Rapidly Changing Industry The Life Sciences industry changes every single day. So, companies need insurance that evolves with the industry. Life Science policies are created specifically to evolve with the industry. Versatility In addition to flexibility, Life Sciences insurance policies are also versatile. There are tons of different types of companies in the Life Sciences industry. So, every policy needs to fit the business it was written for. Do you have a medical device component manufacturer on an occurrence form? Do they make a product that goes into an implantable or invasive finished product? If you do, have you checked the exclusions to make sure these items are not excluded? Our Hanover Fusion Products policy does... Read more