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What to Look for in an Insurance Broker

In this day and age, you can virtually buy insurance from anyone anywhere. If you’re in the business of buying a new policy or finding a new brokerage firm, you must first be fully informed. Finding a reputable and qualified insurance broker will make a tremendous difference in protecting your property and wallet. At Arthur Blake Insurance, we firmly believe in providing full-service, client-focused insurance to individuals, families, and businesses. All while staying with the highest quality of coverage strategies and standards. We invite you to review the following industry standards and guidelines which confirm the value and security of our business and services. Our goal is always to provide the right policy at a fair price, helping you to get ahead. Read testimonials Use social media and online tools to read over reviews, gauging the firm’s level of overall customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that each customer experience will be uniquely different, but normally, these reviews will speak for themselves. Check your state insurance regulator’s website Visit the state insurance department website to check your agent or broker’s license status. If you feel it necessary, inquire about any complaints or disciplinary action, etc. Learn more about their specialized experience... Read more