Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant insurance protects restaurant and franchise owners against property damages, lawsuits, and other food-industry specific risks, such as:

  • Loss of inventory and spoilage
  • General liability claims and suits from third parties
  • Equipment malfunction

Don’t let these common, everyday setbacks of the restaurant industry ruin your business when you can protect your financial resources from lawsuits with the right insurance.  Arthur Blake Insurance can help you find the right coverage for your restaurant or franchise..

Restaurant insurance is important because it

  • Offers financial peace of mind
  • Protects you from an issue with illness resulting from your food or products
  • Helps satisfy franchisor insurance requirements
  • Can protect your equipment if it is stolen, damaged, or lost

Contact Arthur Blake Insurance right away for a free quote and more information about restaurant insurance. We understand your complex needs and the importance of insurance to protect your investment in a restaurant business.

Restaurant Insurance in Plano, TX