• Homeowners Insurance near me Plano, TX

Homeowner’s insurance in North Texas can vary greatly depending on which insurance provider you choose, the plan you decide on, and the state you live in. The price can vary by hundreds of dollars even! You don’t want to be paying hundreds more dollars than you should be if you can help it. Arthur Blake Insurance is here to help. We’re giving you ten ways to save money on homeowners insurance. 

Do Your Research

Don’t hurry when you’re deciding which home insurance policy to go with. Homeowners insurance is essential because it can protect your forever home. It would be best to do your research when looking for homeowners insurance. Take time to consider providers and policies before making a decision. 

Raise Your Deductible

You can lower the amount you pay each month for your premium by raising your deductible. For example, your deductible might be $500. If you can afford to raise it to $1000, you could save up to 25% a month on your premium. 

Don’t Overvalue Your Home

The ground your home sits on is not vulnerable to the elements, so don’t add it to the value of your home. This will overvalue your home leading to a more expensive premium than you need to be paying. 

Use the Same Insurer as Your Auto Policy

It’s common for insurers to give you 5 to 15% off your premium when you buy homeowners insurance from the same insurer as you bought an auto policy. That makes your premium lower than buying two policies from two different companies.

Fix Up Your Home for Storms

Meet with an insurance agent or company to talk about how you can make your home more storm-resistant. By making your home more resilient to storms, you might be able to shave some of the cost off of your premium. 

Improve Home Security

By adding deadbolt locks, fire alarms, and burglar alarms to your home, insurers might grant you around 5% off your premium. Some might offer up to 15 or 20% off of your premium if you use more sophisticated options like a quality sprinkler system in case of a fire.

Seek Out Other Discounts

Insurers won’t always present every discount they have. Look for other deals they might have. Teacher, military, and first responder discounts are widespread, as well as discounts for people who are retired. 

Stay with the Same Insurer

If you’ve had a policy with the same insurer for multiple years in a row, they might offer you a long-term policyholder discount. 

Maintain Good Credit

Insurers are continuously looking at credit more and more to determine policy rates. So maintain good credit to receive the lowest rate you can on your homeowner’s insurance. You can do that by paying bills on time, not obtaining more credit than you need, and keeping credit balances as low as possible. 

Consider Homeowners Insurance Cost When Buying a House

You might receive lower rates if your home is “safer” in certain ways. A couple of examples include being close to a fire hydrant or having heating and plumbing systems less than ten years old. Consider things like this when you’re looking to buy a home. 


If you have any more questions or would like to discuss homeowners insurance policies with a professional, contact Arthur Blake Insurance in Frisco and Plano, Texas, today!