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Why Commercial Vehicle Insurance Is Essential for Your Business

Commercial vehicle insurance is a crucial part of safeguarding the businesses that rely on a fleet of vehicles for their respective operations. Although it goes beyond personal auto coverage, protecting the vehicles which are used for business purposes. This insurance can allow you to transport materials, travel to events, or deliver items while providing liability coverage and protection against unforeseen circumstances; from commercial collision coverage to comprehensive policies, your business will be able to mitigate risks associated with accidents, theft, and property damage. In this article, we are diving into a discussion about the safety net that commercial auto insurance provides to avoid potential financial setbacks.  1. Liability Coverage Liability coverage is a cornerstone and pivotal role in protecting your business. The liability coverage that comes with commercial auto insurance shields companies from financial repercussions. These repercussions could include third-party bodily injury or property damage, caused by their vehicles. With this comprehensive liability coverage, your business will be able to better navigate the complexities of legal and financial liabilities resulting from accidents involving commercial vehicles. By utilizing commercial vehicle insurance, you will have a range of protection if or when you damage another’s valuables in an accident.  2. Physical Damage... Read more
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Top 7 Common Auto Insurance Myths

Auto insurance is a necessity for every car owner. It provides a sense of security and peace of mind while on the road. However, there are several car insurance myths that people believe to be true. Don’t get caught up in these myths because they can lead to misunderstandings and confusion, resulting in costly mistakes. We are going to debunk the top 7 most common auto insurance myths right here in this article. Myth 1: Red Cars are More Expensive to Insure Have you ever heard of this silly car insurance fact? The color of your car has absolutely no impact on your insurance premium. Insurance companies base their rates on several factors, such as the make and model of the car, the age and driving record of the driver, and the location of the vehicle. The color of the car has nothing to do with the insurance cost. Myth 2: Insurance Prices Go Up When You Get Older This is a common misconception. It often gets confused because premiums are based on a factor of age and driving record. Insurance premiums rarely increase as you age, in fact sometimes, insurance companies offer discounts to older drivers with a clean... Read more
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Auto Insurance Rate Hikes: What You Should Know

During the heart of the pandemic, drivers were getting a break on their car insurance. Prices were at their lowest, which was ideal for many during such a trying time. However, those days are gone. Most of life is going back to normal, which means prices are going back up for car insurance. Not only are the prices rising back to what they were, but prices are also getting even higher. Here’s what you need to know about auto insurance rate hikes.  Location How high your auto insurance rate is rising depends significantly on where you live. The average cost of auto insurance as it stands right now is $1,655 per year, but due to an increasing number of accidents and inflation, those costs are going up in certain states. For example, in Texas, some insurers are planning on making a 20% increase in their rates statewide. In Arizona, rates rose by 8% for Geico. In addition, rates for Allstate, StateFarm, and Progressive are moving to raise rates by 4.8 to 12% in Illinois.  Louisiana, Michigan, and Florida are among the highest rise in auto insurance rates. Average rates have gone up to $3,265, and some drivers have reported rates... Read more
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5 Reasons Why Commercial Vehicle Insurance Is Essential

Using commercial vehicles for your business is a great asset to have. It can allow you to transport materials, travel to events, or deliver items, so it’s essential that your commercial vehicle be insured. We’re going to discuss the top 5 reasons why commercial vehicle insurance is essential.  1. Liability Coverage If you were to get in a wreck in your commercial vehicle, there wouldn’t only be damage to the vehicle but possibly to property and valuables as well. By utilizing commercial vehicle insurance, you will have a range of protection if or when you damage another’s valuables in an accident.  2. Physical Damage and Collision Protection In the case of an accident, you or your employees may need to pay for damage to their vehicles and others involved in the wreck. Insurance can reimburse policyholders for the costs of those repairs no matter who was at fault.  3. Medical Payment and Lawsuit Coverage If a wreck is severe enough, bodily harm can be done to those involved, which can be costly to endure. With commercial vehicle insurance, you can receive assistance in paying for medical costs, lost wages, and even legal fees if you should incur any.  4. Comprehensive... Read more
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The Differences Between RV and Auto Insurance

One of the biggest mistakes that RV owners frequently make is assuming their auto insurance coverage extends to their RV. Do not make this mistake! RVs are not just cars; they are essentially a home on wheels. So, the unique function of RVs means they need a unique form of insurance. What is RV Insurance? Recreational vehicle insurance is almost a hybrid between home and auto insurance because that is essentially what an RV is. Since RVs are so large, they are more likely to cause severe accidents than a standard sedan. So, RV coverage provides owners with a higher amount of liability coverage to account for the increased risk of operating an RV. Another important aspect of RV insurance is it covers all the personal items in the RV that you brought with you on your trip. Typically, homeowners insurance does not cover all these items while they are away from your home, and auto insurance will certainly not cover all of it. Like auto insurance, RV insurance is required to finance or rent an RV. The state of Texas also requires anyone who owns a recreational vehicle to have recreational vehicle insurance. Vehicle Classes and Insurance Your RV’s class plays... Read more
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Why Do Auto Insurance Rates Keep Rising?

Car insurance should be simple, right? You drive safe, you avoid traffic violations, you choose a reliable car, and your premiums should stay where they are, or even go down. That’s what the commercials from all the big-name insurance companies like to say. Yet year after year, drivers with squeaky clean records still find their premiums going up, sometimes significantly. So what gives? Unfortunately, there are a number of factors influencing car insurance premiums which anyone driver can’t control. While your personal driving record will always play a major role in what you pay, systemic factors such as how many drivers are on the road, average road speeds, and even the health of the economy may see you paying more at year’s end. Here are a few reasons that your auto insurance premiums may rise no matter what you do: 1. A Strong Economy Means Busier Roads What’s good for the country overall may not be good for your insurance premiums. As the nation’s economy strengthens, more and more of those who previously relied on public transportation are choosing to take their own cars instead. Meanwhile, low gas prices see even more drivers hitting the road and driving more miles... Read more
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Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

If you’re a driver, then the burden of rising car insurance premiums can seem as inevitable as death and taxes. True enough, the cost of car insurance is mostly a one-way street, with premiums steadily increasing over the long game as cars get more expensive and fewer and fewer new drivers enter the pool. Still, there are loads of opportunities for you to reduce future increases or even drop your premiums right away. Here are some actionable ideas for cutting your car insurance costs: Talk to Your Provider Funnily enough, the most obvious step to take is the one most often overlooked. Contact your insurance provider and plainly ask them about reducing your premiums. A good agent will be able to present you with the full range of options and opportunities for lowering your costs. They’ll clue you into discount programs, bundle options, or safe driver benefits that may not have fit your needs or profile when you chose your policy. They may not have even existed. And as anyone who’s ever tried to cancel a cable subscription could tell you, big companies rarely go out of their way to tell their customers about new ways to save money. You... Read more