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The Differences Between RV and Auto Insurance

One of the biggest mistakes that RV owners frequently make is assuming their auto insurance coverage extends to their RV. Do not make this mistake! RVs are not just cars; they are essentially a home on wheels. So, the unique function of RVs means they need a unique form of insurance. What is RV Insurance? Recreational vehicle insurance is almost a hybrid between home and auto insurance because that is essentially what an RV is. Since RVs are so large, they are more likely to cause severe accidents than a standard sedan. So, RV coverage provides owners with a higher amount of liability coverage to account for the increased risk of operating an RV. Another important aspect of RV insurance is it covers all the personal items in the RV that you brought with you on your trip. Typically, homeowners insurance does not cover all these items while they are away from your home, and auto insurance will certainly not cover all of it. Like auto insurance, RV insurance is required to finance or rent an RV. The state of Texas also requires anyone who owns a recreational vehicle to have recreational vehicle insurance. Vehicle Classes and Insurance Your RV’s class plays... Read more