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What is Brewery, Distillery, and Winery Insurance?

In the world of craft beverages, where the pursuit of flavor perfection and craftsmanship reign supreme, unique risks and challenges accompany the artistry. Here, we explore brewery, distillery, and winery insurance. Specialized coverage is designed to safeguard these businesses from potential perils. In this article, we delve into what this insurance entails, why it’s essential, and the specific areas it covers. Understanding Brewery, Distillery, and Winery Insurance Brewery, distillery, and winery insurance is a comprehensive risk management solution. This solution is specifically tailored to the needs of businesses involved in alcoholic beverage production. These establishments face a myriad of risks, from property damage and product liability to industry-specific exposures. This insurance is indispensable for preserving the financial health and continuous operation of these businesses. Key Coverage Areas This specialized insurance typically encompasses various crucial coverage areas. Here are some of the critical aspects it addresses: 1. Property Coverage: It safeguards the physical assets of the business, including the production facility, equipment, and inventory. In cases of damage or loss due to fire, theft, or natural disasters, property coverage ensures the business can recover without significant financial setbacks. 2. Product Liability: Unique industry risks involve potential product-related issues. If a consumer... Read more
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Winery Insurance You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wineries are becoming popular in Texas. They can be a fun business to run, especially in Hill Country, but they are a business. To succeed, companies need to be run efficiently and correctly, so Arthur Blake is here to help. Wineries need a plethora of insurance coverage to cover all of their bases, and that’s why you’ve come to our blog! We’re going to tell you some of the insurance coverage options your winery needs, and for the complete list of coverage needs, don’t hesitate to contact Arthur Blake Insurance to speak with an agent.  General Liability Every business needs general liability insurance. It’s just a good option to cover the general issues that occur for businesses. General Liability insurance covers unexpected hazards, accidents, and other problems. It can also provide your winery with product and advertising liability coverage.  Contract Cancellation Coverage Let’s get to the more winery-specific insurance coverage you need. Contract cancellation coverage is one of those things. The winery business isn’t always consistent. You might not always be able to fulfill contracts you’ve created with a customer. That’s where contract cancellation coverage comes in. With this coverage, this insurance will pay for attorney fees and other costs... Read more
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Everything You Need To Know About Craft Brewery Insurance

Now that COVID-19 cases are dropping and life is returning to normal, the craft beverage industry is exploding once again. Opening and maintaining a craft brewery can be advantageous, but it also requires hard work. One aspect that many new breweries often overlook is insurance. Just like any business, breweries need an insurance policy that fits their specific needs. Arthur Blake Insurance in Plano, Texas, provides new and existing brewery owners with a guide covering everything they need to know about craft brewery insurance. Why You Need Craft Brewery Insurance As we said above, every business, no matter the industry, needs insurance. While some businesses only need general commercial liability insurance, breweries need insurance that fits their unique needs. For example, craft breweries have much more expensive and special equipment when compared to other businesses. Like an insurance agency, for example. Who Needs Craft Brewery Insurance? Any business that brews and sells its craft beverages needs some form of craft brewery insurance. This includes: Craft Breweries Craft Distilleries Microbreweries Craft Ciders Essentially, if your business brews/distills a form of alcohol, you need craft beverage insurance. How Much Does Craft Brewery Insurance Cost? There are a lot of factors that play... Read more