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Workers Compensation During Work From Home

As more and more businesses convert to full-time “Work From Home” during the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect an increase in claims from workers injured while on the job at home. In this blog, we provide a basic look at Workers’ Compensation insurance as applied to work from home. Are workers still eligible? And what can businesses do to help vet their claims? This is a difficult time, and money is tight for everyone. So, understanding the important aspects of the law when it comes to workers’ compensation and working from home is more important now than ever. Arthur Blake Insurance will continue to be there for you in this tough time, doing anything that we can to help you. Do at-home claims count? This question has been on every employer’s mind since working from home became the norm for most employees. Since employees are working from home, employers are increasingly worried about the possibility of workers’ compensation claims in workplaces that are out of their control. This is such a gray area because normal workplaces are crafted specifically to be as risk-free as possible. However, when employees are working from home this is not the case. There are no laws... Read more