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Should You Have Cyber Liability Insurance?

We live in a digital world, where electronic data and information are of extreme value and importance. Virtually every existing business or firm stores and sends digital data information in one way or another. In the event of a cybersecurity attack, the most commonly targeted data includes sensitive information concerning internal business affairs and customer profiles. Whether it be valuable corporate data or raw customer information, the entirety of your digital portfolio must be protected and insured. Because of its inherent value, stolen, misplaced, or comprised digital data is extremely costly to restore. At Arthur Blake Insurance, we understand the unique array of evolving cybersecurity threats that continue to affect businesses of all kinds. Our unique variety of extensive Cyber Liability Insurance packages will serve to better protect your business and customers. If you or your business have never experienced a security breach or hacking incident, you may ask yourself how often cybersecurity attacks occur? Not to mention what kind of information is most valuable? Who Needs Cyber Liability Coverage? No matter the size or influence of your business, cybersecurity threats are the same across the board. No business is immune from computer-related vandalism, fraud, or theft.  Any given business... Read more