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What is Brewery, Distillery, and Winery Insurance?

In the world of craft beverages, where the pursuit of flavor perfection and craftsmanship reign supreme, unique risks and challenges accompany the artistry. Here, we explore brewery, distillery, and winery insurance. Specialized coverage is designed to safeguard these businesses from potential perils. In this article, we delve into what this insurance entails, why it’s essential, and the specific areas it covers. Understanding Brewery, Distillery, and Winery Insurance Brewery, distillery, and winery insurance is a comprehensive risk management solution. This solution is specifically tailored to the needs of businesses involved in alcoholic beverage production. These establishments face a myriad of risks, from property damage and product liability to industry-specific exposures. This insurance is indispensable for preserving the financial health and continuous operation of these businesses. Key Coverage Areas This specialized insurance typically encompasses various crucial coverage areas. Here are some of the critical aspects it addresses: 1. Property Coverage: It safeguards the physical assets of the business, including the production facility, equipment, and inventory. In cases of damage or loss due to fire, theft, or natural disasters, property coverage ensures the business can recover without significant financial setbacks. 2. Product Liability: Unique industry risks involve potential product-related issues. If a consumer... Read more
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What To Look For When Selecting Home Insurance Coverage

With protecting your most valuable asset, your home, it is crucial to have the right insurance coverage in place. Home insurance provides financial security and peace of mind in case of unexpected events. Home insurance protects against theft, natural disasters, or accidents. However, with many insurance providers and policies available in the market, selecting the right coverage may seem near impossible. In this article, we will discuss the key factors to consider when choosing home insurance coverage, ensuring that your home remains adequately insured. Evaluate Your Needs The first important step is to assess your specific requirements. Determine the value of your property, including the house and its contents. If you are a homeowner, you will need homeowner insurance coverage, while property renters will require property renter’s insurance. Understanding your needs will help you find the right policy that suits your situation. Coverage Options When comparing insurance policies, pay attention to the coverage options offered. A comprehensive policy should provide protection against a wide range of risks. Some of these may include fires, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and liability. Make sure the policy covers the replacement cost of your property, not just the market value, to ensure adequate coverage in... Read more
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Top 7 Common Auto Insurance Myths

Auto insurance is a necessity for every car owner. It provides a sense of security and peace of mind while on the road. However, there are several car insurance myths that people believe to be true. Don’t get caught up in these myths because they can lead to misunderstandings and confusion, resulting in costly mistakes. We are going to debunk the top 7 most common auto insurance myths right here in this article. Myth 1: Red Cars are More Expensive to Insure Have you ever heard of this silly car insurance fact? The color of your car has absolutely no impact on your insurance premium. Insurance companies base their rates on several factors, such as the make and model of the car, the age and driving record of the driver, and the location of the vehicle. The color of the car has nothing to do with the insurance cost. Myth 2: Insurance Prices Go Up When You Get Older This is a common misconception. It often gets confused because premiums are based on a factor of age and driving record. Insurance premiums rarely increase as you age, in fact sometimes, insurance companies offer discounts to older drivers with a clean... Read more
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  • Winery Insurance You Didn't Know You Needed - Arthur Blake Insurance

Winery Insurance You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wineries are becoming popular in Texas. They can be a fun business to run, especially in Hill Country, but they are a business. To succeed, companies need to be run efficiently and correctly, so Arthur Blake is here to help. Wineries need a plethora of insurance coverage to cover all of their bases, and that’s why you’ve come to our blog! We’re going to tell you some of the insurance coverage options your winery needs, and for the complete list of coverage needs, don’t hesitate to contact Arthur Blake Insurance to speak with an agent.  General Liability Every business needs general liability insurance. It’s just a good option to cover the general issues that occur for businesses. General Liability insurance covers unexpected hazards, accidents, and other problems. It can also provide your winery with product and advertising liability coverage.  Contract Cancellation Coverage Let’s get to the more winery-specific insurance coverage you need. Contract cancellation coverage is one of those things. The winery business isn’t always consistent. You might not always be able to fulfill contracts you’ve created with a customer. That’s where contract cancellation coverage comes in. With this coverage, this insurance will pay for attorney fees and other costs... Read more
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  • Auto Insurance Rate Hikes What You Should Know - Arthur Blake Insurance

Auto Insurance Rate Hikes: What You Should Know

During the heart of the pandemic, drivers were getting a break on their car insurance. Prices were at their lowest, which was ideal for many during such a trying time. However, those days are gone. Most of life is going back to normal, which means prices are going back up for car insurance. Not only are the prices rising back to what they were, but prices are also getting even higher. Here’s what you need to know about auto insurance rate hikes.  Location How high your auto insurance rate is rising depends significantly on where you live. The average cost of auto insurance as it stands right now is $1,655 per year, but due to an increasing number of accidents and inflation, those costs are going up in certain states. For example, in Texas, some insurers are planning on making a 20% increase in their rates statewide. In Arizona, rates rose by 8% for Geico. In addition, rates for Allstate, StateFarm, and Progressive are moving to raise rates by 4.8 to 12% in Illinois.  Louisiana, Michigan, and Florida are among the highest rise in auto insurance rates. Average rates have gone up to $3,265, and some drivers have reported rates... Read more
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  • Types of Business Insurance - Arthur Blake Insurance

Types of Business Insurance

Business insurance can be challenging to find because it can be challenging to choose what’s covered and what’s not, how much you want to spend, etc. Multiple types of business insurance cover various things. This is good because you can choose to cover some things, but not all, or choose to cover everything with multiple types of policies. Whether you’re pocketing the money at the end of the day, the following types of insurance will protect your company’s assets in an incident.  General Liability This type of insurance is exactly what it sounds like, general coverage. This insurance is usually added to a business owner’s policy or BOP. Overall, it protects your company from lawsuits and claims from people outside of your company. Every business owner should consider adding to their BOP if it’s not already included.  Commercial Property  Another component of your business owner’s policy would be commercial property insurance. This insurance pays out if there should be damage or loss to physical property. This includes things like a business building or business vehicle. You can add additional coverage for other items for an additional fee if your industry has a higher risk of damage.  Workers’ Comp Workers’ compensation... Read more
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  • How Much Homeowners Insurance Is Right For Me - Arthur Blake Insurance

How Much Homeowners Insurance Do I Need?

How are you supposed to know how much insurance coverage for your home is right? We purchase homeowners insurance on a range. Too much, and you’ll be paying costly premiums every year for more than you need. Too little, and your home won’t be covered as well as it should be if disaster strikes. It’s a balance! But how are you supposed to find that balance? Arthur Blake Insurance in Plano, Texas, is here to help. We have some advice on knowing how much homeowners insurance is right for you.  Calculate Replacement Costs First, you need to know that you can’t evaluate your property and assume that’s how much coverage you need because property valuation includes the land your home sits on, but the land isn’t going anywhere, so why insure it? We also recommend that you insure more than just the cash value of your home because, thanks to changing inflation, depreciation, and construction costs, that might not be enough coverage later on. The best way to ensure you have roughly enough homeowners insurance coverage is to calculate how much it would cost to repair and rebuild. Repairs could cost you more money than if you only insured the... Read more
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What Is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers compensation insurance or workers comp helps your employees if they end up suffering a work-related injury or illness. This is important because no matter your industry, your employees are at some risk, big or small, or getting hurt or sick. There are a handful of things workers comp covers, but it doesn’t cover other things. We will tell you some of the ins and outs of workers comp to understand how it plays a part in your business.  Workers Compensation Insurance in Texas If you’re a private employer, Texas doesn’t require you to provide workers compensation insurance. However, if you choose this route, you must report your coverage status and any work-related injuries or illnesses to the state’s Division of Workers Compensation. What Injuries are Covered? Workers comp can be used if your employees get hurt on the job or while working on your behalf. For example, injuries from work-related violence, terrorism, and natural disasters are covered by this insurance. One specific example of what would be covered is if your employee is driving to make a delivery and gets in a wreck, workers’ comp can help pay their medical costs.  The most common injuries covered by workers’ comp... Read more
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Life Insurance Basics – How Life Insurance Works

About 41 million people in the United States say they need life insurance, but they don’t have it. Why? Well, the main reason is people tend to overestimate how much life insurance will cost. For example, participants estimated that a $250,000 term life insurance policy would cost about $500 a year in one study. However, in reality, it only costs about $160. People also avoid investing in life insurance because it’s hard to understand or don’t know much about it. So we’re going to talk about some life insurance basics and how life insurance works.  What is Life Insurance? Life insurance, in short, is a contract between you and an insurance company. An insurance company agrees to pay a lump sum known as a death benefit to your beneficiaries after your death in exchange for paying premiums. Your beneficiaries may use the sum for any purpose they choose, but common uses include paying a mortgage or putting a child through college. There are two primary types of life insurance. They are a term and permanent life. We’ll discuss those next.  Term Life Insurance Term life insurance is the most affordable and the most popular choice among purchasers. This type of... Read more
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10 Ways To Save On Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance in North Texas can vary greatly depending on which insurance provider you choose, the plan you decide on, and the state you live in. The price can vary by hundreds of dollars even! You don’t want to be paying hundreds more dollars than you should be if you can help it. Arthur Blake Insurance is here to help. We’re giving you ten ways to save money on homeowners insurance.  Do Your Research Don’t hurry when you’re deciding which home insurance policy to go with. Homeowners insurance is essential because it can protect your forever home. It would be best to do your research when looking for homeowners insurance. Take time to consider providers and policies before making a decision.  Raise Your Deductible You can lower the amount you pay each month for your premium by raising your deductible. For example, your deductible might be $500. If you can afford to raise it to $1000, you could save up to 25% a month on your premium.  Don’t Overvalue Your Home The ground your home sits on is not vulnerable to the elements, so don’t add it to the value of your home. This will overvalue your home leading to... Read more