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Types of Business Insurance

Business insurance can be challenging to find because it can be challenging to choose what’s covered and what’s not, how much you want to spend, etc. Multiple types of business insurance cover various things. This is good because you can choose to cover some things, but not all, or choose to cover everything with multiple types of policies. Whether you’re pocketing the money at the end of the day, the following types of insurance will protect your company’s assets in an incident.  General Liability This type of insurance is exactly what it sounds like, general coverage. This insurance is usually added to a business owner’s policy or BOP. Overall, it protects your company from lawsuits and claims from people outside of your company. Every business owner should consider adding to their BOP if it’s not already included.  Commercial Property  Another component of your business owner’s policy would be commercial property insurance. This insurance pays out if there should be damage or loss to physical property. This includes things like a business building or business vehicle. You can add additional coverage for other items for an additional fee if your industry has a higher risk of damage.  Workers’ Comp Workers’ compensation... Read more
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How Much Homeowners Insurance Do I Need?

How are you supposed to know how much insurance coverage for your home is right? We purchase homeowners insurance on a range. Too much, and you’ll be paying costly premiums every year for more than you need. Too little, and your home won’t be covered as well as it should be if disaster strikes. It’s a balance! But how are you supposed to find that balance? Arthur Blake Insurance in Plano, Texas, is here to help. We have some advice on knowing how much homeowners insurance is right for you.  Calculate Replacement Costs First, you need to know that you can’t evaluate your property and assume that’s how much coverage you need because property valuation includes the land your home sits on, but the land isn’t going anywhere, so why insure it? We also recommend that you insure more than just the cash value of your home because, thanks to changing inflation, depreciation, and construction costs, that might not be enough coverage later on. The best way to ensure you have roughly enough homeowners insurance coverage is to calculate how much it would cost to repair and rebuild. Repairs could cost you more money than if you only insured the... Read more
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What Is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers compensation insurance or workers comp helps your employees if they end up suffering a work-related injury or illness. This is important because no matter your industry, your employees are at some risk, big or small, or getting hurt or sick. There are a handful of things workers comp covers, but it doesn’t cover other things. We will tell you some of the ins and outs of workers comp to understand how it plays a part in your business.  Workers Compensation Insurance in Texas If you’re a private employer, Texas doesn’t require you to provide workers compensation insurance. However, if you choose this route, you must report your coverage status and any work-related injuries or illnesses to the state’s Division of Workers Compensation. What Injuries are Covered? Workers comp can be used if your employees get hurt on the job or while working on your behalf. For example, injuries from work-related violence, terrorism, and natural disasters are covered by this insurance. One specific example of what would be covered is if your employee is driving to make a delivery and gets in a wreck, workers’ comp can help pay their medical costs.  The most common injuries covered by workers’ comp... Read more
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  • how life insurance works for kids Allen, Texas

Life Insurance Basics – How Life Insurance Works

About 41 million people in the United States say they need life insurance, but they don’t have it. Why? Well, the main reason is people tend to overestimate how much life insurance will cost. For example, participants estimated that a $250,000 term life insurance policy would cost about $500 a year in one study. However, in reality, it only costs about $160. People also avoid investing in life insurance because it’s hard to understand or don’t know much about it. So we’re going to talk about some life insurance basics and how life insurance works.  What is Life Insurance? Life insurance, in short, is a contract between you and an insurance company. An insurance company agrees to pay a lump sum known as a death benefit to your beneficiaries after your death in exchange for paying premiums. Your beneficiaries may use the sum for any purpose they choose, but common uses include paying a mortgage or putting a child through college. There are two primary types of life insurance. They are a term and permanent life. We’ll discuss those next.  Term Life Insurance Term life insurance is the most affordable and the most popular choice among purchasers. This type of... Read more
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  • Homeowners Insurance near me Plano, TX

10 Ways To Save On Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance in North Texas can vary greatly depending on which insurance provider you choose, the plan you decide on, and the state you live in. The price can vary by hundreds of dollars even! You don’t want to be paying hundreds more dollars than you should be if you can help it. Arthur Blake Insurance is here to help. We’re giving you ten ways to save money on homeowners insurance.  Do Your Research Don’t hurry when you’re deciding which home insurance policy to go with. Homeowners insurance is essential because it can protect your forever home. It would be best to do your research when looking for homeowners insurance. Take time to consider providers and policies before making a decision.  Raise Your Deductible You can lower the amount you pay each month for your premium by raising your deductible. For example, your deductible might be $500. If you can afford to raise it to $1000, you could save up to 25% a month on your premium.  Don’t Overvalue Your Home The ground your home sits on is not vulnerable to the elements, so don’t add it to the value of your home. This will overvalue your home leading to... Read more
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What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Businesses face countless threats every day, and with our dependence on the internet, cyber threats are a constant. That is why cyber liability insurance is vital for nearly every business. However, as a relativity new concept, many people do not understand why they need cyber security insurance or even what it is. Therefore, to understand why cyber liability insurance is essential, business owners first need to understand cyber liability. What is Cyber Liability? In this context, a liability is anything that’s presence or function puts a business or its customers at risk. Due to our increased reliance on computers and the internet, technology has become a liability for many companies. Any business that relies on the internet to connect with customers, store data, or perform other business functions runs the risk of being victimized by cybercrime or accident. A data breach or similar cybercrimes could lead a business to ruin. Companies can lose the trust of their customers and face legal actions for their irresponsibility, all because they failed to protect customer data. In America, 55% of small businesses have experienced a data breach. Unfortunately, cyber-criminals smell blood in the water and have set their sights on small businesses. So,... Read more
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Arthur Blake Insurance Mobile App

We know how important it is for you to get answers and access quickly.  The Arthur Blake Insurance mobile app makes it even easier to contact our agents, pay bills, report accidents, view, and share vehicle ID cards.  Contact Agents From inside of the app, you can reach us by phone, email, or text. Simply tap on the ‘call,’ ‘email,’ or ‘text’ icon, and it will connect you. Pay Bills You can pay your bills through the app, and even schedule a bill pay reminder to your phone or email to notify you when payment is due. Report Accidents Report accidents in real-time through the app, and get information about exactly what to do after a vehicle, property, or workplace accident.  View and share vehicle ID cards Multiple members of your policy can share access amongst themselves to the app and the information within it. You can access your personal and business policy information with ease and view all of your ID cards, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance all in the same place. What else? You can also quickly: Request a change in your policy  Request a certificate of insurance  Create a property inventory list Check out all the... Read more
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Reasons You Should Use an Insurance Broker

The old line about the inevitability of death and taxes is true, but it also leaves out one of the most complicated and necessary factors of everyday American life: insurance. From personal health, home, and auto insurance, to the dozens of types of business insurance, we are all faced with the necessity of making decisions. We have to go through choosing a multitude of insurance plans which keep us covered without blowing our monthly budget. And choosing the right insurance plan matters. Too little coverage can leave you exposed to unexpected and sometimes devastating costs, while too much coverage – yes, there is such a thing – can be a waste of money and can inhibit your ability to grow wealth over time. Knowing whether a plan is too little, too much, or just right isn’t easy, especially for those more focused on building their lives than poring over cost analysis charts.  That’s why more and more Americans are turning to the guidance of professional insurance brokers. Put simply; an insurance broker is an expert whose sole responsibility is to find you the best insurance plan for your needs. They are independent, representing you, not the insurance companies, and they... Read more