Nonprofit Organizations

Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits need insurance that is tailored specifically to the organization’s unique operations, as well as a nonprofit budget. At Arthur Blake Insurance you get that and much more. We provide our clients with a free quote and tailor the right insurance coverage.  Our nonprofit clients enjoy reduced your risk and peace of mind so they can focus on what they do best—serving our communities.

Here are a few things to consider review and consider with respect to your nonprofit insurance

  • Does your coverage fit your current needs?
  • Have their been any significant changes in your operations, your fundraising methods, or the people you serve?
  • Have you received a donation of new property or acquired new assets?
  • Have you hired staff members or have their been changes within your volunteers?

Arthur Blake Insurance can help you navigate the answers to these questions and what that means for your nonprofit’s insurance needs.  Having Arthur Blake Insurance on your team gives you access to multiple options based on your nonprofit’s specific risks.

Why should you choose Arthur Blake Insurance to help you find the right insurance coverage for your nonprofit?  It is simple.  The team at Arthur Blake Insurance has experience understanding the specific risks associated with nonprofits and how to get the best insurance protection in place.  Our agents are also responsive to the changing needs of your nonprofit and will take the time to learn about your operations in order to find the right coverage within your budget.

Get in touch with Arthur Blake Insurance for a free quote and more information about nonprofit insurance. We understand your needs and the importance of insurance to protect the mission of your organization.


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