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  • craft beverage insurance frisco texas

What Should Craft Beverage Insurance Include?

For consumers on the outside, breweries, wineries, and distilleries are just like any other manufacturing business. But for the people who run these businesses – and the companies who insure them – it’s a completely new ballgame. Craft beverage companies do have some overlap in their needs to other food manufacturing businesses, but ignoring – that is, not insuring – what makes them unique puts business owners, employees, and customers at risk. As with every industry that Arthur Blake Insurance serves, specialization is key. We design and develop custom policies for breweries, wineries, and distilleries tailored to the individual needs of each business so that every risk is assessed and there are never any surprises. To learn more and discuss your needs, contact us today. What should be in an insurance policy for breweries, wineries, and distilleries? Any craft beverage operation will need a combination of commercial insurance coverages to be fully secured. Let’s begin with the basics. All craft beverage insurance policies should include: Commercial property insurance (more on this below) Commercial auto insurance General liability insurance Workers’ compensation insurance Business interruption and extra expense coverage Product recall coverage   What makes craft beverage businesses so complex from a... Read more
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  • errors and omissions Home insurance plano tx

Do I Need Errors and Omissions Insurance?

  In our world, we meet the owners of small-to-midsize businesses almost every day, and there are a few qualities you can count on seeing every time: they’re passionate about what they do, they love their customers, and they want to do their best to help each and every one. Unfortunately, in our line of work, we also see the other side of things: business owners who believe so completely in the quality of their work and services, that they’re blindsided when an unhappy customer comes back to them in the form of a lawsuit. Even the very best physicians, consultants, instructors, and other service providers make mistakes, have bad days, or just meet that one wrong customer. And if that customer perceives that they were injured – physically, monetarily, or however – it could mean a costly lawsuit for the provider. That’s where Errors and Omissions Insurance comes in. Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O), also called Professional Liability Insurance, is a commercial insurance product that protects service providers from claims in which a client or customer accuses the provider of damages resulting from inadequate or negligent service. Who needs Errors & Omissions Insurance? E&O is available, and at times... Read more
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  • use an insurance broker plano insurance agents

Reasons You Should Use an Insurance Broker

The old line about the inevitability of death and taxes is true, but it also leaves out one of the most complicated and necessary factors of everyday American life: insurance. From personal health, home, and auto insurance, to the dozens of types of business insurance, we are all faced with the necessity of making decisions. We have to go through choosing a multitude of insurance plans which keep us covered without blowing our monthly budget. And choosing the right insurance plan matters. Too little coverage can leave you exposed to unexpected and sometimes devastating costs, while too much coverage – yes, there is such a thing – can be a waste of money and can inhibit your ability to grow wealth over time. Knowing whether a plan is too little, too much, or just right isn’t easy, especially for those more focused on building their lives than poring over cost analysis charts.  That’s why more and more Americans are turning to the guidance of professional insurance brokers. Put simply; an insurance broker is an expert whose sole responsibility is to find you the best insurance plan for your needs. They are independent, representing you, not the insurance companies, and they... Read more
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  • cyber liability insurance frisco texas

Should You Have Cyber Liability Insurance?

We live in a digital world, where electronic data and information are of extreme value and importance. Virtually every existing business or firm stores and sends digital data information in one way or another. In the event of a cybersecurity attack, the most commonly targeted data includes sensitive information concerning internal business affairs and customer profiles. Whether it be valuable corporate data or raw customer information, the entirety of your digital portfolio must be protected and insured. Because of its inherent value, stolen, misplaced, or comprised digital data is extremely costly to restore. At Arthur Blake Insurance, we understand the unique array of evolving cybersecurity threats that continue to affect businesses of all kinds. Our unique variety of extensive Cyber Liability Insurance packages will serve to better protect your business and customers. If you or your business have never experienced a security breach or hacking incident, you may ask yourself how often cybersecurity attacks occur? Not to mention what kind of information is most valuable? Who Needs Cyber Liability Coverage? No matter the size or influence of your business, cybersecurity threats are the same across the board. No business is immune from computer-related vandalism, fraud, or theft.  Any given business... Read more
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  • Insurance Broker Arthur Blake

What to Look for in an Insurance Broker

In this day and age, you can virtually buy insurance from anyone anywhere. If you’re in the business of buying a new policy or finding a new brokerage firm, you must first be fully informed. Finding a reputable and qualified insurance broker will make a tremendous difference in protecting your property and wallet. At Arthur Blake Insurance, we firmly believe in providing full-service, client-focused insurance to individuals, families, and businesses. All while staying with the highest quality of coverage strategies and standards. We invite you to review the following industry standards and guidelines which confirm the value and security of our business and services. Our goal is always to provide the right policy at a fair price, helping you to get ahead. Read testimonials Use social media and online tools to read over reviews, gauging the firm’s level of overall customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that each customer experience will be uniquely different, but normally, these reviews will speak for themselves. Check your state insurance regulator’s website Visit the state insurance department website to check your agent or broker’s license status. If you feel it necessary, inquire about any complaints or disciplinary action, etc. Learn more about their specialized experience... Read more
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  • Lower car insurance Arthur Blake

Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

If you’re a driver, then the burden of rising car insurance premiums can seem as inevitable as death and taxes. True enough, the cost of car insurance is mostly a one-way street, with premiums steadily increasing over the long game as cars get more expensive and fewer and fewer new drivers enter the pool. Still, there are loads of opportunities for you to reduce future increases or even drop your premiums right away. Here are some actionable ideas for cutting your car insurance costs: Talk to Your Provider Funnily enough, the most obvious step to take is the one most often overlooked. Contact your insurance provider and plainly ask them about reducing your premiums. A good agent will be able to present you with the full range of options and opportunities for lowering your costs. They’ll clue you into discount programs, bundle options, or safe driver benefits that may not have fit your needs or profile when you chose your policy. They may not have even existed. And as anyone who’s ever tried to cancel a cable subscription could tell you, big companies rarely go out of their way to tell their customers about new ways to save money. You... Read more
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  • drone insurance plano tx

Do I Really Need Drone Insurance?

  In the space of just a few years, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have gone from the playthings of niche hobbyists to seriously big business. Drones are everywhere now, with products ranging widely in price and purpose, from simple home entertainment to being essential tools in an organization’s daily operations. No matter the situation, drones and UAVs can be expensive, and that means they should be protected. If you don’t have drone insurance, you should probably be thinking about it. Do You Need To Insure Your Drone? Generally speaking, insuring a drone will be a higher priority for entities using drones for commercial purposes, rather than for home use. Innovative companies and organizations have found dozens of low-cost, low-risk uses for drones to make their operations more efficient. You could say the sky’s the limit. (Sorry.) These include: Aerial photography and videography Aerial surveying Agricultural treatment / crop spraying Law enforcement / emergency response Traffic patrol Security and surveillance Exploration And many more… As technology has improved, drones and UAVs have become more affordable and reliable, but let’s face it, they’re not perfect, and accidents happen. The loss of a commercial drone can mean costly operational setbacks for... Read more
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  • Commercial Property Insurance Plano Texas

Do Home Businesses Need Commercial Property Insurance?

The ever-evolving sophistication of business technology and cloud networking solutions, along with the changing demands of an empowered workforce, has vastly improved the viability of home-based businesses. In 2017, there were more than 38 million home businesses in the U.S., with combined revenue of $427 billion per year. We’re not talking about lemonade stands here. Of course, with big business comes big complexity, especially when it comes to insurance. The rapid growth in home-based businesses has led to confusion over just how these businesses should be insured, and for how much. Many home-based business owners believe they can rely on their homeowners’ insurance policy to protect business assets in cases of loss or peril. After all, the business property is in the home, right? But this common misconception can lead to owners sustaining considerable financial loss – sometimes losing their entire business – because of one unexpected event. So here’s the truth: if you operate a home-based business, you almost certainly need commercial property insurance to keep your assets protected, and in many cases, you may need additional forms of coverage as well. Commercial Property Insurance for Home-Based Businesses Commercial property insurance covers business assets in two ways that most... Read more