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Car insurance should be simple, right? You drive safe, you avoid traffic violations, you choose a reliable car, and your premiums should stay where they are, or even go down. That’s what the commercials from all the big-name insurance companies like to say. Yet year after year, drivers with squeaky clean records still find their premiums going up, sometimes significantly. So what gives?

Unfortunately, there are a number of factors influencing car insurance premiums which anyone driver can’t control. While your personal driving record will always play a major role in what you pay, systemic factors such as how many drivers are on the road, average road speeds, and even the health of the economy may see you paying more at year’s end.

Here are a few reasons that your auto insurance premiums may rise no matter what you do:

1. A Strong Economy Means Busier Roads

What’s good for the country overall may not be good for your insurance premiums. As the nation’s economy strengthens, more and more of those who previously relied on public transportation are choosing to take their own cars instead. Meanwhile, low gas prices see even more drivers hitting the road and driving more miles when they do it. All those extra drivers on the road lead to more traffic and, inevitably, more collisions. No matter your individual driving record, if there are more insurance claims flying around, providers may raise rates across the board to keep up.

2. Modern Cars Are Expensive to Repair

Through the miracle of modern technology, today’s cars are safer than ever. Even some budget models will come equipped to the nines with advanced traffic warning sensors, reverse cameras, driver’s aids that help keep you in your lane, rain-detecting wipers, and onboard GPS. Of course, all these life-saving gizmos come at a price, and insurance companies are fed up with the feeling that pinch in that body shop. As more and more cars come standard with these costly electronics, car insurance companies are adapting to the increased price of repairs by upping their premiums for all policyholders.

3. Bad Weather Can Lead to Higher Rates

Much like the car insurance rates in this story, bad weather events are on the rise. Where the Arthur Blake Insurance offices are located in Plano, TX, we’re known for our devastating hail storms which can rack on millions of dollars of vehicle and property damage every year. Throughout the south and along the coasts, flash floods are increasingly common, and these events come with enormous price tags for the insurance companies handling those claims. As more and more areas of the country are affected by extreme weather events, even very large insurance companies are forced to raise their premiums to cover their payouts, even if you live hundreds of miles away.

4. Distracted Driving Puts Us All In Danger

Modern technology strikes again. While distracted driving isn’t new – we’ve all seen a fellow driver on the road who’s got one too many things going on in the car when they should be focused on the wheel – statistics show that it is a growing problem, and it’s smartphones and other in-car technology that is most likely to blame. When drivers look away from the road and down at their phones, for even a second, their chances of having an accident skyrocket. It happens thousands of times a year. More accidents mean more costly repairs for insurance companies to cover, which means higher premiums year after year for all drivers, not just the distracted ones.

So What Can You Do?

You can’t control the weather, and you can’t keep your fellow drivers off their phones, so what can you do to avoid nasty rate hikes? Well, the first thing is to drive as safely as you can. While annual rate increases are no fun, they’re nothing compared to the increase you can expect if you have an at-fault collision. So, respect the speed limits, and keep your eyes on the road.

And after that, shop around. Don’t feel beholden to an insurance company that raises your rates year after year despite a clean driving record. There is almost certainly a better deal out there for you and your needs.

To start, speak with an experienced auto insurance broker like Arthur Blake Insurance in Plano and Dallas, Texas. We have years of experience navigating the complexities of the car insurance market and custom tailoring policies exactly to our client’s specifications. Let’s schedule a chat soon and really talk about what you want your personal auto insurance to be doing for you.