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Everything You Need To Know About Craft Brewery Insurance

Now that COVID-19 cases are dropping and life is returning to normal, the craft beverage industry is exploding once again. Opening and maintaining a craft brewery can be advantageous, but it also requires hard work. One aspect that many new breweries often overlook is insurance. Just like any business, breweries need an insurance policy that fits their specific needs. Arthur Blake Insurance in Plano, Texas, provides new and existing brewery owners with a guide covering everything they need to know about craft brewery insurance. Why You Need Craft Brewery Insurance As we said above, every business, no matter the industry, needs insurance. While some businesses only need general commercial liability insurance, breweries need insurance that fits their unique needs. For example, craft breweries have much more expensive and special equipment when compared to other businesses. Like an insurance agency, for example. Who Needs Craft Brewery Insurance? Any business that brews and sells its craft beverages needs some form of craft brewery insurance. This includes: Craft Breweries Craft Distilleries Microbreweries Craft Ciders Essentially, if your business brews/distills a form of alcohol, you need craft beverage insurance. How Much Does Craft Brewery Insurance Cost? There are a lot of factors that play... Read more
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Swimming Pools and Homeowner’s Insurance

One of the most common questions customers ask us is, “will my homeowner’s insurance cover my pool?”. In short, yes, your homeowner’s insurance will help pay for repairs if a covered peril damages your pool. Your liability coverage could also protect you in the event someone is hurt at your pool. However, the type of pool you have affects when coverage in your homeowner’s insurance policy comes into play. To make things easier, we put together a guide on everything you need to know about swimming pools and insurance. How Homeowner’s Insurance Applies to Swimming Pools As we said above, the vast majority of homeowner’s policies will cover swimming pools. The two coverages that are generally applied are either the “other structures” or personal property coverage. Usually, this depends on if you have an above- or in-ground pool. Above-Ground Swimming Pools and Insurance If you have an above-ground pool that does not have any permanent structures attached to it, your insurance company will probably consider it part of your personal property. Mainly because if you were to move, you could take the pool with you. So, before your purchase that new pool, be sure you talk to your agent and... Read more
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  • Boat Insurance plano tx distillery insurance program

Do I need Boat Insurance in Dallas, Texas?

The weather is finally starting to warm up in Texas. So, that means it will soon be time to get the boat back on the lake! One of the very first questions first-time boatowners ask us is, “Do I need boat insurance?” The short answer is yes; you absolutely need boating insurance. Check out this video detailing a few of the reasons you need to be sure you have boat insurance before taking your boat out this summer.  Reasons You Need Boat Insurance It is Often Required – Even though Texas does not require boat insurance, most boat owners are still required to have it. If you lease or finance your boat, your financial institution will require your to have boat insurance. It is not uncommon for marinas to require it as well. Liability – Like auto insurance, boat insurance will help pay for any bodily injuries or property damage that occurs while boating if you are legally liable. If you do not have boat insurance, you will have to pay what you owe out of pocket. Protection for Your Boat – Again, boat insurance policies often include comprehensive and collision coverage similar to an auto policy. These coverages will cover any... Read more
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The Differences Between RV and Auto Insurance

One of the biggest mistakes that RV owners frequently make is assuming their auto insurance coverage extends to their RV. Do not make this mistake! RVs are not just cars; they are essentially a home on wheels. So, the unique function of RVs means they need a unique form of insurance. What is RV Insurance? Recreational vehicle insurance is almost a hybrid between home and auto insurance because that is essentially what an RV is. Since RVs are so large, they are more likely to cause severe accidents than a standard sedan. So, RV coverage provides owners with a higher amount of liability coverage to account for the increased risk of operating an RV. Another important aspect of RV insurance is it covers all the personal items in the RV that you brought with you on your trip. Typically, homeowners insurance does not cover all these items while they are away from your home, and auto insurance will certainly not cover all of it. Like auto insurance, RV insurance is required to finance or rent an RV. The state of Texas also requires anyone who owns a recreational vehicle to have recreational vehicle insurance. Vehicle Classes and Insurance Your RV’s class plays... Read more
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  • Umbrella Insurance plano tx

Do I need Umbrella Insurance?

Liability insurance is critical for every household. In fact, most states require it to drive a car or get a mortgage on your home. However, owning the minimum amount of liability insurance the states require is not the best idea. Liability insurance covers any medical bills or legal fees that result from any injury that you cause. Umbrella coverage policies protect you from liability issues the go beyond the liability limits of standard insurance policies, such as your homeowner’s, car insurance, etc. It is essential to consider who will pick up the tab if you are responsible for a multi-car accident and your liability costs exceed the limits on your car insurance by thousands of dollars. Although these kinds of things may be few and far between, you cannot be too careful.  Who Needs Umbrella Coverage Insurance? In general, we recommend an umbrella policy  to everyone; however, we think there are a few groups we think need umbrella coverage insurance. Wealthy households – Wealth individuals and families are frequently the targets of lawsuits. The extra liability protection that comes with umbrella insurance is critical for wealthy households. Anyone who owns a pool, pond, or trampoline – Pools, ponds, and trampolines all... Read more
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5 Tips for Buying the Best Workers’ Compensation Policy

If you have employees but do not have a workers’ compensation policy in place, you need to drop everything you are doing, read this article, and then purchase one as soon as possible. While Texas is one of the few states that does not require employers to have workers’ compensation, work-related injuries or fatalities are often devastating for a small business. The legal fees alone are often too much for small companies to handle. However, for many business owners, the task of deciding which workers’ compensation policy to purchase can seem like too much. Luckily for you, you have the experts at Arthur Blake Insurance to help you navigate this process! Buying the Best Workers’ Compensation Policies Know Your State’s Requirements Like we said above, Texas does not require businesses to have workers’ compensation policies. However, there are regulations on the amounts and types of coverage you can purchase. Be sure to read up on those regulations here! Create a Safety Plan Not only will a safety plan inspire a culture of safety and accountability in your workplace, but some insurers offer premium discounts or credits for having a workplace safety policy in place. Remember, claims still are not free... Read more
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What is Life Sciences Insurance?

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Life Sciences industry is more important than ever. However, every Life Sciences company needs to be sure they have insurance that will protect them from their industry’s unique risks. To protect a Life Sciences company from those unique risks, you need a unique form of insurance known as Life Sciences insurance. What is Life Sciences Insurance? Life Science insurance is a form of insurance that protects companies from the life science industry’s unique risks. It Offers Coverage In a Rapidly Changing Industry The Life Sciences industry changes every single day. So, companies need insurance that evolves with the industry. Life Science policies are created specifically to evolve with the industry. Versatility In addition to flexibility, Life Sciences insurance policies are also versatile. There are tons of different types of companies in the Life Sciences industry. So, every policy needs to fit the business it was written for. Do you have a medical device component manufacturer on an occurrence form? Do they make a product that goes into an implantable or invasive finished product? If you do, have you checked the exclusions to make sure these items are not excluded? Our Hanover Fusion Products policy does... Read more
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  • Winery Insurance facts Plano TX insurance programs for craft beverage companies

5 Facts About Winery Insurance Plano, TX

Every business needs some form of commercial insurance. It is critical for protecting the business’s financial assets if they are liable for a customer’s injuries. On top of that, commercial insurance protects a business’s property in the event of a fire, break-in, floods, etc. However, it is essential to remember that standard commercial insurance is not enough for all businesses. Many businesses in North Texas need forms of commercial insurance built for their specific industry. One such example is winery insurance. Operating a winery is complex and demanding. Not only do they face many of the risks that every business faces, but wineries also have their own specific risks that they need to be covered. Luckily, Authur Blake Insurance in Plano, TX offers winery insurance to protect wineries from these unique risks! Check out these little-known facts about winery insurance! Little Known Facts About Winery Insurance   Spoilage Coverage Like any other business in the food and beverage industry, spoilage is a significant risk for wineries. Whether in transit or storage, contamination is always a risk. Winery insurance will make sure that a winery is compensated if its product is spoiled or contaminated. It Covers Leakage Inventory literally going down... Read more
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What Insurance Does My Restaurant Need?

Like every business, restaurants need insurance to protect them from the risks of having customers on the premises. However, restaurants themselves are a unique type of business, which means the risks they face every day are unique. Unique risks mean specific insurance needs! Check out this video detailing some different forms of insurance that every restaurant needs! General Liability Insurance Every business needs general liability insurance, and in this situation, restaurants are no different! Liability insurance covers any injuries or property damage that occurs on the premises. However, there is one unique form of liability insurance that every restaurant needs: product liability insurance. Product liability insurance ensures that you will have protection and the ability to cover a customer’s medical expenses if they were to get food poisoning from your food. Liquor Liability If your restaurant serves alcohol in any capacity, this form of insurance is vital. It protects the restaurant if someone injures themselves or others while intoxicated. Business Income Insurance Business income insurance has become essential in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This form of insurance ensures saves your restaurant from suffering significant income loss if your restaurant shuts down for any reason. Spoilage Insurance When... Read more
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What Kind of Insurance Does My Distillery Need?

  Craft beverages are one of the fastest-growing industries in the US. This trend is evident in North Texas, where a new distillery pops up seemingly every month. Most small business owners know that they need a form of small business insurance, but did you know there is a specific form of insurance for distilleries? Arthur Blake Insurance offers a custom insurance policy for distilleries. Our well-versed agents crafted this policy to ensure the complete protection of your business. What is Distillery Insurance? Distillery insurance exists to protect your distillery from some of the unique risks in the craft beverage industry. However, it is essential to remember that distilleries also need coverage for every other business’s risks. Liability Insurance Just like any other business, distilleries need liability insurance. However, in addition to general liability insurance, your distillery may also need liquor liability insurance. If your distillery serves alcohol at any time, you need liquor liability insurance. It would be best if you kept this in mind before hosting any tastings or events at your distillery. Commercial Auto Insurance Commercial auto insurance is necessary for any business that uses vehicles for business purposes. For distilleries, this generally applies if you make your own... Read more