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Wineries are becoming popular in Texas. They can be a fun business to run, especially in Hill Country, but they are a business. To succeed, companies need to be run efficiently and correctly, so Arthur Blake is here to help. Wineries need a plethora of insurance coverage to cover all of their bases, and that’s why you’ve come to our blog! We’re going to tell you some of the insurance coverage options your winery needs, and for the complete list of coverage needs, don’t hesitate to contact Arthur Blake Insurance to speak with an agent. 

General Liability

Every business needs general liability insurance. It’s just a good option to cover the general issues that occur for businesses. General Liability insurance covers unexpected hazards, accidents, and other problems. It can also provide your winery with product and advertising liability coverage. 

Contract Cancellation Coverage

Let’s get to the more winery-specific insurance coverage you need. Contract cancellation coverage is one of those things. The winery business isn’t always consistent. You might not always be able to fulfill contracts you’ve created with a customer. That’s where contract cancellation coverage comes in. With this coverage, this insurance will pay for attorney fees and other costs involved.

Tank Collapse Coverage

Sometimes, equipment can fail to work, even in the winery business. So, if you have a tank, barrel, container, or vessel that fails to work or collapses, this insurance will cover any of your losses due to the collapse.

Crop Insurance

Crops are the reason for your winery business; they are the heart of your business. That means it’s crucial to protect the grapes you grow and harvest. It’s your primary responsibility. Weather can be unpredictable, so crop insurance protects your crops from catastrophes that damage them up until they are harvested.

Wine Spoilage

We hope you sell all of your inventory, but sometimes that isn’t the case because wine can spoil before you get the chance to sell it. That can lead to a massive loss in profit, so wine spoilage insurance can protect your money even if the wine goes bad. 


Remember that you should have multiple kinds of insurance for your winery, and the ones listed above are just a few of those coverage needs. An agent at Arthur Blake Insurance would be happy to discuss your winery’s other coverage needs, so contact our office to speak with an agent today! We want to help you protect your winery so you can run a successful business!