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In the space of just a few years, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have gone from the playthings of niche hobbyists to seriously big business. Drones are everywhere now, with products ranging widely in price and purpose, from simple home entertainment to being essential tools in an organization’s daily operations.

No matter the situation, drones and UAVs can be expensive, and that means they should be protected. If you don’t have drone insurance, you should probably be thinking about it.

Do You Need To Insure Your Drone?

Generally speaking, insuring a drone will be a higher priority for entities using drones for commercial purposes, rather than for home use. Innovative companies and organizations have found dozens of low-cost, low-risk uses for drones to make their operations more efficient. You could say the sky’s the limit. (Sorry.)

These include:

  • Aerial photography and videography
  • Aerial surveying
  • Agricultural treatment / crop spraying
  • Law enforcement / emergency response
  • Traffic patrol
  • Security and surveillance
  • Exploration
  • And many more…

As technology has improved, drones and UAVs have become more affordable and reliable, but let’s face it, they’re not perfect, and accidents happen. The loss of a commercial drone can mean costly operational setbacks for companies of any size. A drone insurance policy will provide protection in the event of that loss and help companies to afford repair or replacement of their assets.

What’s more, drone insurance is often required by contract employers and municipalities hiring drone operators for commercial or government work, even though there is no law or regulation in the U.S. enforcing this. For most companies using drones, purchasing adequate coverage is just good business.

This is not to say that hobbyists who have drones for home or recreational use don’t need or can’t get drone insurance. They can, and it’s important to understand that most homeowners’ policies will not cover drones. However, depending on the cost of their equipment and frequency of use, many hobbyist flyers may find they prefer the risk over the premium.

The experts at Arthur Blake Insurance can help you understand the drone insurance options available in the market today and can help guide you toward the right choice for your needs.

What Should Drone Insurance Include?

As drone insurance is still a relatively new market, there is a wide swath of available insurance paths for drones, with a fair amount of customizability. At the same time, not all insurance companies offer drone insurance, so it can be a tricky market to navigate. Your drone insurance policy may cover:

  • Damage or loss of the drone equipment
  • Product liability
  • Personal injury
  • Property liability
  • Liability for aircraft operators and other staff

Working with a reputable insurance brokerage will be essential to navigating the many different policy options you can find for your drone insurance coverage.

If drones and UAVs are part of your commercial operation, or you want to protect your hobby from risk, contact Arthur Blake Insurance today to begin exploring your coverage options. Custom policies tailor-made for each and every client is our specialty.