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Now that COVID-19 cases are dropping and life is returning to normal, the craft beverage industry is exploding once again. Opening and maintaining a craft brewery can be advantageous, but it also requires hard work. One aspect that many new breweries often overlook is insurance. Just like any business, breweries need an insurance policy that fits their specific needs. Arthur Blake Insurance in Plano, Texas, provides new and existing brewery owners with a guide covering everything they need to know about craft brewery insurance.

Why You Need Craft Brewery Insurance

As we said above, every business, no matter the industry, needs insurance. While some businesses only need general commercial liability insurance, breweries need insurance that fits their unique needs. For example, craft breweries have much more expensive and special equipment when compared to other businesses. Like an insurance agency, for example.

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Who Needs Craft Brewery Insurance?

Any business that brews and sells its craft beverages needs some form of craft brewery insurance. This includes:

  • Craft Breweries
  • Craft Distilleries
  • Microbreweries
  • Craft Ciders

Essentially, if your business brews/distills a form of alcohol, you need craft beverage insurance.

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How Much Does Craft Brewery Insurance Cost?

There are a lot of factors that play into how much your policy will cost. Here are a few examples:

  • Brewery Size – The physical size of your brewery, the amount of business you get, how much equipment you have all factors into how much your insurance costs.
  • Location – Insurance rates fluctuate from state to state and other times from zip code to zip code. Where your brewery is located will have an impact on how much your insurance costs.
  • Coverage – The amount of coverage that your purchase for your brewery will significantly impact the cost of your insurance.

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What Types of Coverage Does My Brewery Need?

In addition to the cover that every business needs (liability insurance, product liability, commercial property insurance, etc.), there are niche coverage options that all craft breweries need to consider.

General Liability Insurance

Every single business needs general liability insurance. This coverage will protect your business from the everyday liability risks of day-to-day operations. For example, general liability insurance would cover your company if a customer slips while touring our brewing floor. Injuries happen, so you must have safeguards in place.

Liquor Liability

If your brewery has a tasting room or serves any alcohol at all, liquor liability coverage is required by law. This coverage protects your company if an over-served customer injures themselves, another person, or commits a crime.

Business Property Coverage

Business property coverage ensures that your business is protected in the event of a fire, storm, flood, or another damaging event. Without your building, producing fantastic beverages will be a challenge. In addition, business property coverage ensures that you will have the funds to fix the damage and get back on track.

Tank Leakage or Collapse Coverage

Your brewing and storage tanks are two of the essential pieces of equipment in your brewery. If they go out of commission, the entire operation comes to a stop. Tank leakage or collapse coverage ensures you have replacement tanks or the funds to repair leaking ones as soon as possible.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

In addition to the tanks, breweries have tons of expensive equipment that is essential to their operations. Equipment breakdown coverage will help cover the replacement cost of damaged or broken equipment. Come policies even help cover any losses incurred will your brewery could not function properly.

Contamination and Spoilage

Any spoiled product that you have to flush down the drain is money down the drain as well. Contamination and spoilage coverage helps recoup some of those losses.

If you have any more questions about craft brewer insurance, please do not hesitate to call Arthur Blake Insurance in Plano, Dallas, and Frisco, Texas. Our team of expert agents will walk you through your coverage options and help you find a policy that best fits your business’s needs. Contact us today to get started.