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Every business needs some form of commercial insurance. It is critical for protecting the business’s financial assets if they are liable for a customer’s injuries. On top of that, commercial insurance protects a business’s property in the event of a fire, break-in, floods, etc. However, it is essential to remember that standard commercial insurance is not enough for all businesses. Many businesses in North Texas need forms of commercial insurance built for their specific industry. One such example is winery insurance.

Operating a winery is complex and demanding. Not only do they face many of the risks that every business faces, but wineries also have their own specific risks that they need to be covered. Luckily, Authur Blake Insurance in Plano, TX offers winery insurance to protect wineries from these unique risks! Check out these little-known facts about winery insurance!

Little Known Facts About Winery Insurance


Spoilage Coverage

Like any other business in the food and beverage industry, spoilage is a significant risk for wineries. Whether in transit or storage, contamination is always a risk. Winery insurance will make sure that a winery is compensated if its product is spoiled or contaminated.

It Covers Leakage

Inventory literally going down the drain is one of the worst scenarios for any winery, So coverage for leakage is critical.  It is also essential that your wine insurance gives you a fair value on lost wine!

Winery Insurance Includes Liquor Liability Insurance

Most wineries today not only make and sell wine but also allow customers to take tours and try their wines in tasting rooms. If you ever allow anyone to consume alcohol on your premises, you must have liquor liability insurance. It will protect your winery against injury or damage that is directly related to your sale of alcohol.

Coverage For Events

Many wineries or vineyards host public or private events at their facility. Inviting the public onto your premises brings additional risks for your business, especially if alcohol is involved. It is important to make sure your winery insurance includes coverage for such events.

Product Withdrawal Insurance

There are multiple reasons that wine could get recalled, including labeling errors or tainted/contaminated wine. What most wineries do not consider is the cost of recalling a product. These include:

  • Announcing a withdrawal
  • Shipping the tainted wine
  • Storing the wine for disposal
  • Disposal of the wine

All wineries need insurance that will cover these extra expenses for them.

At Arthur Blake Insurance, we believe that every Dallas, TX winery owner deserves to know what coverage their business needs. Interested in learning more about the winery insurance policies that we offer? Please contact us at 972-954-6383! One of our friendly agents will be happy to discuss your business’s unique needs.