Cyber Liability

At Arthur Blake Insurance we recognize the unique technology challenges that business owners increasingly face—that’s why we have developed comprehensive Cyber Liability Insurance packages to help combat these threats.

Regardless of the size of a given business, many face some sort of faulty computer transaction and on average, at least one computer security breach per year. No business is safe from computer related vandalism; and oftentimes these problems generate significant financial losses.

Most security breaches have involved attempts by criminals to acquire sensitive company information, usually concerning their customers or employees—anything from Social Security information to Credit Card numbers. Common businesses that are targeted for such theft include:

  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • And more…

Even when the attempts are unsuccessful, the financial and human resource costs associated with handling cyber liability risks are staggering—precisely why you need a dependable, high-quality Cyber Liability Insurance package.

Typically, at Arthur Blake Insurance, our Cyber Liability Insurance policies cover such things as:

  • Copyright & Trademark Infringement
  • Unauthorized access
  • Introduction of viruses
  • And generally any activities involving business use of the Internet

When determining the exact level of Cyber Liability Insurance coverage you and your business enterprise needs, it’s important to consider the scope of your Internet activities, the range of risks that require coverage and the amount of the coverage deductibles or coinsurance. With the growing popularity and usability of social media, it’s important to also keep tabs on all social media exposures. The social media landscape plays host to many cyber liability risks.

Cyber liability exposures are extremely complex—exactly why you need an insurance professional who truly understands this area of commercial business. Contact Arthur Blake Insurance today for more information and a free Cyber Liability Insurance quote!

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