A recently published national list has found several Texas towns in the top fifteen in the country for DUI arrests. Where did Dallas rank in this compilation? The city was award the twelfth place on the list, as it was in 2010 as well. Does this mean that the amount of total alcohol consumption is high for these cities? Perhaps not, but DUIs are the factor one has to pay attention to. With the city placed so high on the national list, when it comes to car insurance, Dallas residents should make obtaining the appropriate coverage a top priority.

While you cannot control acts of fate or, unfortunately, acts of irresponsible drivers who have had a few too many to drink (or in some cases far too many drinks), you can affect the amount of exposure you have to this type of risks. While for some individuals drinking is a daily occurrence, the number of DUIs increases during holidays and major sporting events. Try to keep off the roads during these celebrations to avoid being within range of a drunk driver.

You might not be able to stop others from driving drunk, but you can prevent them from affecting you financially with hefty medical and repair bills. By making the right choice in car insurance, Dallas drivers can protect themselves, their family, and their wallets from the poor choices of other individuals.