Texas is a three tier state. Distillers may not distribute, wholesale, retail or sample spirits.

2014, Texas distillers may now sell directly to the public. https://www.tabc.state.tx.us/public_information/notices/2013/DistillersLetter.docx

  • Distillers must sell all products through a distributor in Texas or a qualified individual out of state. Note: Three distributors control 85% of the Texas distribution market.
  • Distributors sell only to package stores.
  • Package stores sell to bars, restaurants and retail.

From TABC website:

Permit authorizes permit holder to manufacture distilled spirits and rectify, purify, and refine distilled spirits, mix liquor, bottle and package finished products and sell to wholesalers and qualified individuals outside this state and import from nonresident seller distilled spirits for manufacturing and rectifying purposes.

Distillers permit fee: $3298.00 (2 years)

Private storage permit: $372.00 (2 years)

Prepare a drawing showing distance from your proposed location premise to:

  • Churches
  • Public hospitals
  • Private/public schools

Local ordinances may prohibit you from locating near one of these facilities.

  • Check the box to indicate if your business is located within 300 feet of a church or Public hospital Check the box to indicate if your business is located within 300 feet of any private or public school.

You may not operate a distillery at a residence.

Certificate from City Secretary if located in a City

  • Location is wet
  • There are no laws prohibiting

Certificate from County Clerk

  • County is wet
  • There are no laws prohibiting

Proof of publication of legal notice in 2 consecutive issues of an approved newspaper.

Full disclosure from the owner of the property where the facility will be located. (Complete application package)

Submit a completed application packet to your local office. Allow 60 days for review

Interviews: TABC may interview the following:

  • Applicant, owner, partners, officers, limiter partners, venture capital or trustees

County Judge Hearing:

  • A hearing will be scheduled before the County Judge for the applicant.
  • TABC Code, Section 61, and TABC rules 33.13 and 37.4.

Final Review by TABC in Austin

If approved submit application for Federal Registration:

National Revenue Center (NRC) at:

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

National Revenue Center

550 Main Street, Suite 8002

Cincinnati, OH 45202

513-684-2979 or 1-800-937-8864