Insuring your Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV) is important for many reasons.  First, protecting your liability exposure is the most important aspect of insuring your drone.  If you are found liable for bodily injury to a person, or for damaging another person’s property; UAV liability insurance will be your primary defense.  Arthur Blake Insurance, is also able to offer hull insurance for damage to your drone, but in most cases your liability exposure will be the most important part of insuring your UAV.  In order to operate your drone commercially, liability insurance will generally be required.  Our drone insurance program is designed so we can quote and issue certificates of insurance to show your customers prior to preforming your aerial services.

Operating your UAV commercially opens you up to many liability exposures.  It is important for UAV operators to carry bodily injury and property damage insurance.  When changing for services as a professional drone operator people and the courts expect a much higher level of professionalism and are more likely to sue.  Your homeowners insurance policy will usually not cover your unmanned aerial vehicle work.

You should also have drone insurance to protect you if injure someone.  When filming and event people not even attending the event can be at risk due to mechanical malfunction or just because of piloting mistakes.  Our commercial liability insurance policies are designed to help in the event that a person is injured with your drone.

You should insure your UAV because of your property damage exposure.  When operating your drone for pleasure or business use there is always the slight risk of damaging property owned by someone else.  Our drone insurance policies are designed to help if you are found liable for damaging property not owned by you.