America is a land of entrepreneurs, with thousands deciding to go into business for themselves every year. The fields we choose are limited only by our abilities and our imagination. Of course, starting any new business can be quite a challenge. Many of us who go this route are extremely careful to learn about zoning, labor laws, safety regulations and other areas that affect the self employed. Unfortunately, an area that is often overlooked by start-ups is Texas business insurance.

The truth is, lack of coverage may be the one thing that ruins an otherwise promising new venture. A single mistake on the part of the owner or an employee can expose the enterprise to legal liabilities that spell doom. This is true with almost any kind of business you may start. Even if you are able to avoid a mishap, you also have to consider the risk of natural disasters, fires, and thieves. These and other circumstances beyond your control can lead to expenses that could bankrupt your business.

While you’re drawing up your plans, be sure to contact us to discuss your Texas business insurance needs. In a world filled with both risks and opportunities, it might make the difference between the sweet smell of success and the sour stench of failure. After all, you have not covered all your bases if you still need coverage.