When you own a Dallas retail store, your display windows may make all the difference in terms of attracting customers and generating sales. It is important to make your display windows creative and eye-catching, so that they compel customers to venture into your store. It is also important to financially protect your display windows with glass insurance, which can be added to your business insurance policies.

When designing a window display, it may be smart to make sure that your merchandise is the focal point of the display. Good lighting is important as well as varying heights and depths to create a more engaging look. You may want to be creative with backdrops, themes and mannequin poses. Should your customers mostly travel past your store by car instead of on foot, you may want to make sure your display windows are eye-catching from the street, while creating enough mystery to encourage people to enter rather than just look at the display. Your display windows may be more crucial to your Dallas store’s success than you realize.

You may want to consider adding debris removal to your insurance too, as large display windows shattered by burglars, vandals, fire, or windstorms may require professionals for proper clean-up. It is vital to make sure no glass slivers are left behind to injure customers or employees and generate another insurance claim. Crime insurance may be necessary to provide coverage for theft or vandalism. Your agent may help you put together an insurance package that is right for your Dallas retail store.